Safeguarding Children (Level 3)

Safeguarding Children (Level 3)
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If you work with or around children, you can never know too much about safeguarding. Whether it’s procedures, referrals, asking appropriate questions, or your role’s specific responsibilities, this course will continue to build up your knowledge and skills so that we can ensure children are kept safe from abuse and harm.


This course is for anyone who works with or around children or families, and has already completed the Safeguarding Children Level 1 and 2 courses in order to build up a higher level of knowledge.


  • Understand the definition of safeguarding children 
  • Have a good knowledge of the effects of abuse and harm on the development of a child 
  • Be aware of the safeguarding children legislation and statutory guidance 
  • Be able to define child abuse 
  • Have a high-level understanding of the types of abuse, including child trafficking and abuse related to cultural or religious beliefs 
  • Know how to effectively safeguard children who are at risk 
  • Understand how to recognise a safeguarding concern, and how to respond and report it 
  • Be able to effectively create and manage records of concerns and cases 
  • Know how to appropriately share information 
  • Be able to work together with other organisations, including safeguarding partners 
  • Understand the importance of Safeguarding Practice Reviews 
  • Know how to create a responsive safeguarding culture 
  • Be aware of how to seek support 
  • Know the efficacy of self-reflection and how to do so