The Care Act - Introduction and Overview

The Care Act - Introduction and Overview
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This course provides an introduction to, and an overview of, part one of the Care Act 2014 and its statutory guidance. The course is designed to help those involved in care and support services to understand and implement the Act.


This course is intended for:

  • Adult social care as well as wider elements of local authorities such as children’s services, housing and public health
  • Health and other local authority partner organisations such as learning and education providers
  • Social care provider and support organisations in all sectors
  • Those involved in the governance of these organisations and people who work, care, support and volunteer in them
  • Professionals and practitioners

    This course contains three modules from our Care Act suite:

  • About the Act
  • The Wellbeing Principle
  • Duties and Responsibilities

    This course forms part of the suite of e-learning courses that have been developed to support the implementation of part one of the Care Act 2014. It is based upon the Skills for Care training materials.

    Upon successful completion of all three modules you will be automatically awarded a certificate containing the course name, completion date, CPD hours and learning objectives.

    The course contains additional resource materials, useful links and refresher guides.


    In this course you will learn about:

  • Understand the reasons why the Act has been introduced
  • Learn about the key changes introduced by the Act
  • Learn about the legislation, regulations and statutory guidance
  • Understand the basic framework of the Act and what it delivers
  • Understand the wellbeing principle
  • Learn about local authorities’ duties and responsibilities
  • Understand the assessment, eligibility, and care and support planning processes
  • Learn what the Act means for people who need care and support


    Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

    Introduction and background to the Act | Why do we need to change the law? | A simpler, modern law | Reforming and consolidating law | Legislation, regulations and guidance | ‘Must’, ‘Should’, ‘May’ and ‘Should Not’ | What is the Act trying to achieve | Wellbeing and outcomes | Postpone not intervene | Local authority responsibilities | Preventative services | Preventative services in practice | Personalisation | Person centred care and support planning | An Integrated Act | The framework of the Act | The Wellbeing Principle | Whose wellbeing is important | Wellbeing and Assessment | How is wellbeing used in the Act? | Information and advice | Would this be sufficient? | A home care provider perspective | Offering choice | Independent Advocacy | Carer’s rights | A charity’s perspective | Safeguarding | Does the Care Act only apply to adults? | Overview of the key workflow stages | How will people experience the new system in 2016/17 | Personal budget | What impact will this have on a local authority?