Understanding Behaviour

Understanding Behaviour
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This course explores various types of challenging behaviour seen across different age ranges ? from early years children through to adolescents.

You will learn the typical root causes of disengaged, disruptive and unacceptable behaviours ? both observable and hidden ? and learn how to recognise some common triggers.

And you will feel equipped to respond to and manage unwanted behaviours after learning about the behaviour modification techniques and methods set out in this course.


This course is intended for all children?s workforce practitioners, i.e. all staff who work with children, young people and their families.

Although this course is meant as an overview to the topic, it is also a good refresher for all practitioners who want to improve their knowledge and continue their professional development.


  • Understand the common root causes for challenging behaviours in early years children, older children and young people
  • Consider both observable and hidden aspects of behaviour
  • Explore disruptive, disengaged and unacceptable behaviours and how to respond to them
  • Look at examples of how to manage the challenging behaviour of various age groupsThis course will enable you to:


  • An Introduction to Understanding Behaviour
  • Deep-rooted Behavioural Issues
  • Behaviour of Early Years Children
  • Responding to Behaviour in Children
  • Responding to Behaviour in Young People