Introduction to Confluence

Introduction to Confluence
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Course Overview

In this Introduction to Confluence course, we will discuss the key features you need to know to master the program’s powerful capabilities.

Confluence is a wiki application from Atlassian that helps teams establish a single place for collaboration. From capturing project requirements, storing processes, best practices, or documentation, Confluence is designed to be a tool your organization can use to share knowledge efficiently.

This beginner-level course is created for individuals who are brand new to Confluence and would like to get a good grounding with this superb work productivity tool. The only requirement is access to Confluence and the willingness to learn.

The course is over three hours long, with 37 individual video lessons.

Learning Objectives:

In this course you will learn how to:

  • What is Confluence?
  • Key Confluence terms and concepts
  • Differences between Confluence and Jira
  • The features of Confluence's interface
  • How to create, use, and delete Personal Spaces
  • How to create, navigate, and manage Team Spaces
  • Task management in Confluence
  • Using the Confluence mobile app
  • Working with teams in Confluence
  • How to manage files in Spaces
  • Using Confluence’s administrative backend
  • User management overview
  • How to control user permissions in Confluence
  • Using Jira and Confluence together
  • Exporting and backing up Spaces.