Introduction to Power Automate

Introduction to Power Automate
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Course Overview

Automation has become more popular in the business world today to maximize speed and reliability of jobs to be done. Automation tools are great assets for work efficiency.

One such tool is Power Automate – a powerful application from Microsoft with a simple interface that can be used to automate tasks and business processes. It is an exhaustive tool that can be connected to almost any application and to streamline any personal or business workflow without using code! Automated workflows can even be shared with others

This introductory course is aimed at beginner and intermediate users of Power Automate for Microsoft 365. The course uses the online version of Power Automate for demonstration and covers the basic and some intermediate features of Power Automate to get you started. Advanced features such as UI and Desktop flows are out of scope for this course.

Learning Objectives:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to navigate the Power Automate interface
  • What is a Flow and what are the types of Flow
  • How to create a Flow from a template
  • How to create an automated Flow
  • How to run, edit, and track a Flow
  • How to share Flows with other users
  • How to create a Flow from scratch
  • How to create Triggers and Actions
  • How to use Dynamic Content
  • How to create Expressions
  • What are Conditions
  • How to create scheduled Flows
  • What is an approval Flow
  • What are Input Types
  • An introduction to built-in functions
  • How to work with Loops
  • An overview of Do Until
  • What are Switch statements