R Programming for Beginners: Includes R Mini-Project!

R Programming for Beginners: Includes R Mini-Project!
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Course Overview

In this Introduction to R Programming course, we assume you are brand new to R Programming and teach you the basics of this impressive programming language.

We'll start by introducing you to R, why it's used by data scientists, and what it's capable of. After that, we get you set up in RStudio and show you how to prepare the R workspace. We then launch into Data Types in R, Coding Style in R.

We also show you how to import data into RStudio from various file formats before launching into the essential R components - Vectors, Matrices, Arrays, Lists, Factors, Loops, Functions, Data Frames and so much more. 

We end the course with a mini-project where we pull everything you have learned together and set you an R Programming challenge.

Learning Objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

  • What R is and how it is used in Data Science
  • Data types in R, coding style, and comments
  • How to use Vectors in R
  • How to use Matrices in R, including matrix operations and modification
  • How to use Arrays in R
  • About using Lists in R including how to select list elements
  • All about Factors in R
  • How to use Loops in R and IF-ELSE statements
  • How to use Functions in R
  • How to use Data Frames including tidyverse and tibbles in R
  • To complete your first R programming assignment