Building your employer brand

Building your employer brand
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Course Overview

A growing number of marketers are being asked to build their employer brand so their organisation becomes ‘an employer of choice’. But knowing how to start and structure an employer branding project is a challenge many marketers face.

This course will help you rise to this challenge by showing you how to use the Employer Branding Canvas. The Employer Branding Canvas is a practical management tool that will help you build your employer brand via a simple, straightforward, three step process.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of how to measure, develop and define your employer brand.


Taking this course will help you:

  • Make your brand an employer of choice - for existing and potential employees
  • Structure your approach to building a scalable employer brand experience
  • Simplify your approach to building your employer brand
  • Get hands on experience of building your employer brand
  • Appreciate your employer brand is an integral part of your brand strategy
  • Build your employer brand with greater confidence and conviction

How is the content delivered?

Approximately 40 minutes of instructor-led video content broken down into

  • Introduction of key ideas/insights
  • Application of practical tools & templates
  • Relevant case studies to illustrate the point being made
  • Frequent knowledge checks and an end of course quiz - to keep you engaged and check you’re on track
  • The option to use English auto-generated closed captions is provided

The course is split into shorter segments lasting a few minutes. Ideal for watching with a cup of coffee..

Additional Resources

When you register for this course, you’ll be able to download the following FREE resources:

  • Employer Brand Blueprint template
  • Employer Brand Action Planning template

Who has this course been designed for?

If you’re responsible for marketing, brand, brand experience or human resources this course is for you. Consultants and advisers who work with brands and human resource departments will also find this course useful.

What does this course cover?

Understanding your employer brand

  • Additional resources
  • Practical scenario
  • Learning objectives
  • What is an employer brand? 
  • Why build an employer brand?
  • Understanding your employer brand: Top tips

Employer Brand Blueprint: A Practical Management Tool

  • Introducing the Employer Brand Blueprint
  • Measure
  • Develop
  • Deliver
  • The Employer Brand Blueprint: Top tips

Employer brand case studies

  • Mollie, Electronic Arts (EA), Tony’s Chocolonely & HR Consultancy (Confidential)

Summing up

  • Practical scenario: Revisited
  • Action planning
  • Learning objectives: Revisited
  • Interested in learning more?