Personal Branding for Students

Personal Branding for Students
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Course Overview

  • How would you describe yourself in four or five words?
  • What value can you deliver to our organisation?
  • How are you different from the other applicants?

These are relatively routine questions that most students will be asked during an interview process. However, being able to answer them in a clear and concise way is easier said than done.

Guided by the Personal Branding Canvas - a powerful career development tool - this course will help you answer these interview questions with confidence and conviction.

Your course instructor, Dr. Coleman has used the Personal Branding Canvas with hundreds of students from around the globe to help them define and deliver their personal brand so it can be used to great effect in scenarios such an interview, careers fairs and other relevant scenarios to enhance their employability skills.

The Personal Branding Canvas is supported by a suite of free practical tools and templates that will help you apply the insights this course shares. This means you can start building your personal brand straight away.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of what your personal brand is and how you can use your personal brand during an interview - and other employability scenarios such as a careers fair - to help you stand out from the crowd.


Taking this course will help you:

  • Realise you too have a personal brand which is a valuable career asset
  • Appreciate why you need to define then manage your personal brand
  • Build your personal brand in a structured way by using the Personal Branding Canvas
  • Deliver a consistent personal brand experience
  • Feel more assured and at ease during interviews
  • Know how to use your personal brand in a range of career-related scenarios e.g., careers fairs
  • Feel more confident and comfortable with your personal brand

How is the content delivered?

Approximately 60 minutes of instructor-led video content broken down into

  • Introduction of key ideas/insights
  • Application of practical tools & templates
  • Relevant case studies to illustrate the point being made
  • Frequent knowledge checks and an end of course quiz - to keep you engaged and check you’re on track
  • The option to use English auto-generated closed captions is provided

The course is split into shorter segments lasting a few minutes. Ideal for watching with a cup of coffee. 

Additional Resources

When you register for this course, you’ll be able to download the following FREE resources:

  • Personal Branding Canvas template
  • Personal brand values: Illustrative examples
  • Your brand promise: Worked example
  • Your brand promise: Plug & Play template
  • Positioning your personal brand: Worked example
  • Positioning your personal brand:  Plug & Play template
  • Your personal brand on a page: Worked example
  • Your personal brand on a page: Plug & Play template
  • Action planning: Worked example
  • Action planning: Plug & Play template

Who has this course been designed for?

If you’re ambitious student looking to land your dream job this course is for you. The content is equally applicable to undergraduate or postgraduate students – including PhD and Post-Doctoral students.

What does this course cover?

Understanding your personal brand

  • Additional resources
  • Course scenario
  • Learning objectives
  • What is a personal brand? 
  • Different types of brands
  • Why build a personal brand?
  • Understanding your personal brand: Top tips

The Personal Branding Canvas

  • Introducing the Personal Branding Canvas
  • The Personal Branding Canvas: Top tips

Defining your personal brand

  • Personal brand values
  • Personal brand promise
  • Personal brand positioning
  • Defining your personal brand: Top tips

Managing your personal brand

  • Behaviour
  • Communications
  • Multisensory design tools
  • Managing your personal brand: Top tips

Delivering a consistent personal brand

  • Worked example
  • Delivering a consistent personal brand: Top tips

Summing up

  • Practical scenario revisited
  • Action planning
  • Learning objectives: Revisited
  • Interested in learning more?