Middle East Cultural Awareness Course

Middle East Cultural Awareness Course
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Course Overview:

Going into far more detail than our standard cultural awareness courses, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of Middle Eastern business practice, whilst also exploring more nuanced characteristics. By taking the course, learners will gain a solid understanding of Middle Eastern culture and develop the skills and know how to bridge potential cultural gaps. This learning will promote business professionals in the best possible light; helping them to interact confidently and productively with their Middle Eastern peers. 

Who should take this course:

This course is suitable for professionals working with Middle Eastern colleagues in any capacity. Whether you are managing staff in the Middle East, visiting the region to negotiate a contract, teams or working remotely with Middle Eastern clients, this course will provide valuable insights and direction.     

Course content

Including over 30 videos and jam packed with case studies, quizzes and essential tips and techniques, this unique training course has been split into 8 chapters focusing on specific aspects of Middle Eastern culture, the people and their approach to work and business.

  • Chapter 1: Overview - Framing the course content and its benefits to foreigners working in the region.
  • Chapter 2: Looking at Culture – Exploring the role and influences of culture on the business setting.
  • Chapter 3: The Middle East in Context – Putting the Middle East in context and exploring the way in which history, religion and cultural values have shaped the modern-day Middle East.
  • Chapter 4: Understanding the People – Exploring diversity in the Middle East and the make-up of people living in the region.
  • Chapter 5: Doing Business in the Middle East – Understanding core Arab values in business and their impact on key business processes, such as negotiations, sales, meetings, and leadership.
  • Chapter 6: Communication Style - Exploring the communication style in the Middle East, giving feedback, and managing disagreements.
  • Chapter 7: Etiquette and Taboos - Uncovering how best to protect reputation and make the best impression possible through an understanding of etiquette and taboos.
  • Chapter 8: Summary – Summary of key points and affirmation that, when working with anyone from the Middle East, it is important not to draw upon stereotypes


Assessment is carried out during the course.

You will be asked a mixture of multiple choice and quiz questions, coupled with questions based around case studies and workplace scenarios.

With a pass mark of 85%, the answers are marked automatically so you know instantly whether you have passed. If you don't pass, then not to worry! You can take the test as many times as you need and there’s no extra charge.