What does commisceō mean?

(present infinitive commiscēre, perfect active commiscuī, supine commixtum)

  • mix or mingle together, intermingle, combine.
  • unite, bring together, join, mingle.
  • produce by mingling.


'Commisceo' is Latin, meaning of “to unite, to mix, to mingle.

In other words to bring about togetherness through interaction, understanding and knowledge transfer.

Cross Cultural Training

Our training helps raise awareness, break down barriers and improve collaboration.

When we deliver our services we do so with the positive intention that through understanding more about one another, we are able to get the best out of each other, regardless of culture.


15+ Years' Experience

Founded in the UK in 2004, we provided localization & language services as well as cross cultural training. 

In 2014, the language services part of the company were aqcuired and the training arm rebranded as a new entity, Commisceo Global Consultancy.

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