SQA Mental Health and Wellbeing, SCQF 4 & 5 - Blended learning program

SQA Mental Health and Wellbeing,  SCQF 4 & 5 - Blended learning program
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The Mental health and wellbeing awards seek to address the inaccuracies surrounding perceptions of mental health and, instead, provide accurate information, promote understanding and equip learners with positive coping strategies to improve and maintain mental health and wellbeing.

This 12 week blended learning  program will enable you to maintain good mental health and wellbeing and also give you the knowledge and skills to promote good mental health and wellbeing 

The awards aims to:

  1.  reduce stigma surrounding mental health.
  2.  arm individuals with healthy coping strategies.
  3.  promote knowledge of the impact of mental health on behaviour.
  4.  dispel myths surrounding mental health.
  5.  promote understanding of positive and negative impacts on mental health.
  6.  help individuals to make the right choices.
  7.  promote understanding of the potential uses and impact of social media and the internet.
  8.  create resilience. 

This qualification was designed to meet a specific purpose and what follows are details on how that purpose has been met through mapping of the units to the aims of the qualification. Through meeting the aims, additional value has been achieved by linking the unit standards with those defined in national occupational standards and/or trade/professional body requirements. In addition, significant opportunities exist for learners to develop the more generic skill, known as skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work through doing this qualification 

Other aims include

  • The capacity for successful citizenship
  • Self-reliance
  • Resilience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Self-esteem, self confidence 


  • Week 1
  • Week 2 -3
  • WEEK 4-5
  • Week 6-7
  • Week 8-9
  • week 10 -11
  • Week 12