End User Cybersecurity Fundamentals

End User Cybersecurity Fundamentals
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Cybersecurity within an organization is everybody's problem. And, it's everybody's responsibility

In this fast-paced video-based course, viewers will join Mark, an IT expert, for a whirlwind tour of cybersecurity and learn exactly what they can do to enhance cybersecurity practices. This course is ground in reality, with real-world examples of cyberattacks and their consequences and immediately actionable tips that end users can put into practice right away.

This course is not designed for the cybersecurity worker, but for the nontechnical worker in an organization. Using stories, examples, and plain language, mark explains exactly what your workers can do to protect themselves, and your organization from cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Outline Learning Objective:

  • Identify major cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the company environment
  • Practice good account and password hygiene, keeping accounts secure
  • Understand physical security basics to avoid real-world equipment and data theft
  • Understand and apply best practices for email and internet usage