Google Sheets Fundamentals

Google Sheets Fundamentals
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Google Sheets has become the go-to spreadsheet program for millions of users.

An advanced spreadsheet application, Google Sheets is used for everything from tracking finances, to data management, to logging and tracking. With dozens of features, Google Sheets can be intimidating to first-time users. Luckily you can learn the basics in a short period of time and immediately be productive with the Google Sheets software.

This is a learn-by-doing course in which expert instructor Mark Lassoff will guide you step-by-step through creating your first spreadsheet in the very first sections of the course. You'll even write your first functions just a few minutes into the course! He'll then go deeper into formatting your spreadsheet document so it looks good and is readable. Next, Mark will talk about managing data within Google Sheets. You'll learn sorting and filtering as well as data entry validation. Mark will wrap up the course by discussing the output, export, and collaboration tools within Google Sheets.

Open your laptop and follow along with the video lectures and secure and solidify your knowledge with the step-by-step lab exercises included with the course. The exercises are specially designed to help you retain and apply the information taught in the video lectures.

Outline Learning Objective:

  • Competently navigate the Google Sheets Interface and successfully enter data
  • Format spreadsheets so that they are both readable and attractive
  • Create formulas and use built-in Spreadsheet functions
  • Manage spreadsheet data and apply filters and sorts
  • Output, Use Collaboration Tools and Export Spreadsheets