JavaScript Specialist

JavaScript Specialist
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Javascript has become the most import language you can learn.

Years ago, you could produce a web site with HTML alone. Now, Javascript is a critical technology that makes not just interactive web sites - but full web applications. Modern sites don't just display data but generally help users complete tasks such as making a reservation or buy an item. Javascript is a critical part of these transactions. Handling everything from dynamic screen content to interacting with remote servers, every developer needs Javascript.

And, Javascript is not just a web language any more. Due to related technologies like Node and Phone Gap Javascript can now be used in web development (client and server side) and mobile development.

This is only part of the reason that Javascript is THE language to know. JavaScript developers are in demand, and with the JavaScript specialist course program, you'll be well prepared to handle entry-level JavaScripts. Designed for some who is new to coding, this course makes complex JavaScript code simple and accessible with easy to understand video lecture and activities that will have you coding in the very first section of the course.

There is simply no better way to learn JavaScript than this course!

Outline Learning Objective:

  • JavaScript syntax, style and usage with a focus on developing apps
  • Be Current with ES6 Syntax and Usage
  • Fundamental to Advanced JavaScript Concepts including Promises, Classes, and Arrow Functions
  • Integration of JavaScript with HTML5 Code for Web Applications