Microsoft PowerPoint 365 Fundamentals

Microsoft PowerPoint 365 Fundamentals
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We've all sat through boring, uninspired presentations.

And then, there are those presentations that blow you away and leave you wanting more.

What sets the great presentations apart from the snoozers? One element is excellent presentation graphics! With this course, you can learn to create inspiring presentations using PowerPoint 365.

PowerPoint 365 Fundamentals starts from the beginning, helping you understand the standard Microsoft Office interface and showing you how to navigate through dozens of PowerPoint features. Mitchell, your instructor, will then take you through the essential PowerPoint features demonstrating each one. You'll also learn several tips and tricks to ensure you use PowerPoint productively.

This course is a learn-by-doing course. With each technique, you're invited to work alongside Mitchell as you learn the elements that make your presentation stand out-- Like adding 3D images to your presentations and animating your slides.

If you're giving your presentation live-- or online-- you'll learn how to use the rehearsal tools in PowerPoint so you can completely nail it when the time comes. You’ll learn how to rehearse your presentation using tools like presentations notes and be equipped to update slides and slide order on the fly.

After completing PowerPoint 365 Fundamentals, you'll be able to master the art of presentation graphics and give engaging presentations that you will proudly feature in your career portfolio.

Outline Learning Objective:

  • Navigate the PowerPoint User Interface
  • How to Delete Presentation Slides
  • How to Add Bulleted and Numbered Lists to a Slide
  • How to Alter the Size and Properties of Text Boxes
  • How to Add and Manage Presentation Images
  • Add Video and Audio Clips to PowerPoint Slides
  • Augmenting Presentations with Slide Transitions
  • How to use tools to Proof Presentations like Spell Check
  • How to Export your PowerPoint Presentations into other Formats
  • How to Add New Slides to the Presentation
  • How to Insert Text Boxes to a Slide
  • How to Style Text Appearing on Slides
  • How to Add Headers and Footers to Presentations
  • How to Download and use 3D Models in PowerPoint Presentations
  • How to Add and Customize Charts and Tables to PowerPoint Presentations
  • How to Add Animations to Slides
  • How to Use PowerPoint to Rehearse Presentations

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to create excellent presentations with PowerPoint
  • Students and Teachers needing to create PowerPoint presentations
  • Anybody who wants to improve their presentation skills with enhanced PowerPoint visuals