ZOOM: The Ultimate Course

ZOOM: The Ultimate Course
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With changes in work styles and the rise of the hybrid workplace, Zoom has become an important communication component in many workplaces.

Using Zoom is easy, but there are a number of features power users are exploiting to make their meetings more memorable and engaging.  Lack of familiarity with Zoom's basic features can cause meeting delays misunderstandings and confusion.

Become a Zoom power user, is well worth the short time investment.  In Zoom:  The Ultimate Course, you'll learn features that can ensure you have a clear, distraction-free microphone connection, or how to use plug-ins and collaboration tools with Zoom.

If you want to truly take advantage of all Zoom has to offer, enroll now.

Outline Learning Objective:

  • How to Start and Plan a Zoom Meeting
  • How to Invite others to Zoom Meetings
  • Best Practices for Zoom, like reducing Microphone Noise
  • How to Set up Video Backgrounds and Filters
  • How to Share Screens
  • Using Third-Party Plugins with Zoom
  • Enhancing Zoom Security