The Ups and Downs of Ladder Safety

The Ups and Downs of Ladder Safety
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Most injures occur from falling from a height shorter than two metres and can be avoided using some handy ladder knowledge. Whether you are a decorator painting some hard-to-reach areas or climbing to a second level to do some building work, ladder misuse can cause serious injury, spinal damage and even fatality. Knowing the skills to select, position and secure ladders will take fewer than 20 minutes and can prevent you or others from spending your weekends in a hospital.

Who should take this course

This course is essential to anyone working with or around ladders for part of their job, including maintenance staff, building managers and the public. So, whether you are a contractor, manager, duty holder or an employer then you must know about ladder safety

Why should I take this course

When it comes to ladder safety it doesn't matter what your position is. If you or your employees use a ladder, then you need to know how to stay safe. Everybody has a duty of care to stay safe, follow health and safety procedures (because they are designed to protect you) and learn how to mitigate risk. Which is what this course does.

After taking this training you should be able to:

  • Identify and assess the common types of risks
  • Recall safety pre-checks and know when to use them
  • Understand safe ladder position
  • Safely secure ladders with straps
  • Select the appropriate ladder for the job
  • Know what to do if the ladder is unsafe
  • Understand when it’s not safe to use ladders
  • Have knowledge on appropriate emergency procedures in the event of an accident.

Duration: 20 minutes