Dealing With Employees Who are Suicidal and Victims of Domestic Violence

Dealing With Employees Who are Suicidal and Victims of Domestic Violence
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Course Overview

Welcome to the course on Dealing with Suicidal Employees and Employees who are victims of Domestic Violence.

Conventionally, the issues of employees who are victims of domestic violence or those prone to suicide were considered to be in the realm of ‘personal matters’, however, given the seriousness of these issues, the post-covid world is reemerging with a greater sense of care.

Across surveys on the best places to work, it was found that organizations that maintained a culture of care and trust maintained a stellar growth track with higher employee loyalty and performance. In the long run, organizations that care also offset costs from absenteeism and employee turnover.

This training is meant for:

  • HR professionals
  • Business Owners/Leaders
  • Top Management
  • All Employees

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the mind-frame of suicidal employees and how to support them in different stages of their actions at the workplace
  • Learn about victims of domestic violence and how to support them
  • Learn about proactive tools such as policies and resources to support employees who may be victims of domestic abuse or who are suicidal
  • Identify key factors to foster a supportive work-environment
  • Develop an understanding on the importance of awareness and training around sensitive topics of suicide and domestic violence for all employees

*This course references US legislation and statistics.