Prevent and Manage Violence in Customer Facing Roles

Prevent and Manage Violence in Customer Facing Roles
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Course Overview

Welcome to the training on ways of Preventing & Managing Violence in Customer Facing Roles Such as Healthcare, Retail, Social Services and others. Research shows that healthcare workers are at the highest risk for workplace violence. This is followed by roles that involve handling cash such as standalone retail outlets with single cashiers. Further studies and analysis of workplace violence by OSHA and ILO show that workplace violence incidents are preventable.

To put this in perspective, 50% of the overall 2 million reported cases each year involve healthcare workers.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify a potentially risky situation
  • Learn about tools and techniques to prevent a situation from escalating
  • Importance of developing effective policies and programs to protect employees from workplace violence 
  • Learn about the importance of regular training and awareness-building across your organizations
  • Create safe workplaces by defining employer and employee roles

*This course references US legislation and statistics.