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Course Overview

The primary needs of a warehouse are; means of storage (building, space), material handling equipment(pallet racking, forklifts, loading docks), and people (material handlers, leadership, administrative). These are just the basic needs. There are thousands of material handling alternatives, warehouse configurations, and pallet racking options. Warehouses are outfitted to suit the needs of the business. The primary goal of the warehouse is to safely and efficiently handle the flow of goods for an organization.

Warehouses store all different types of goods that require different space, temperature, and material storage requirements. Floor storage, vertical pallet racking, and cold storage are different types of storage. Warehousing functions, equipment, and people should add value to the products through efficiency. Optimizing warehouse operations is a primary objective and goal for any warehouse leader.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the different functions of warehouses.
  • Comprehend the role of warehousing in the supply chain.
  • See the value that warehouses bring to organizations.

*This course references US legislation and statistics.