Changing Difficult Behaviour

Changing Difficult Behaviour
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Course Overview

Getting someone to see that their way is not the best way is far more effective, and constructive in the long term, than simply telling them to change.

This elearning video course contains two videos, each showing how to deal with different behaviours that are having a negative effect on the team.

In the first scenario the employee is getting defensive reactions from people because she is simply going about things in the wrong way; she is far too direct.

In the second video the manager helps the employee look at the root cause of her behaviour, which is based on the wrong assumption about how she should manage information.

This elearning video course will show managers how to get a change in behaviour with a fair and constructive approach

Course Objectives

  • Structure the discussion to be positive and fair
  • Look for the cause and not simply deal with the effect
  • Use good open questions
  • Agree a way forward


20 minutes including two videos