Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels
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Ah, Robot Wars! The hit TV show where contestants build robots using everyday objects and then make them fight to the death! When it comes to weapons, these things are vicious. For the robot connoisseur, top of the weapons tree is the abrasive wheel! Spinning at frightening speeds, it’s sure to get sparks flying, inflicting serious damage to anything in its path. Brutal!

But what if you work with these tools every day? Abrasive wheels are incredibly useful but also very dangerous when used incorrectly. There are many types of abrasive wheel to suit a wide range of applications, so it’s important to know what to look out for, and how to use and handle them safely.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate what are abrasive wheels?
  • Recognise the dangers of using abrasive wheels
  • Understand how to use abrasive wheels safely
  • Understand how to mount abrasive wheels
  • Demonstrate the correct operation of abrasive wheels

Why should I take this course?

If you work with abrasive wheels on handheld or fixed workshop machines, this course is for you. Learning to use them properly is essential. Without this knowledge, you could be placing yourself and your colleagues at risk of injury or even death. We’ll show you how to use and handle a range of abrasive wheels safely.