Accident Reporting Training

Accident Reporting Training
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Every office has a health and safety enthusiast – it’s the person clutching a clipboard and reminding you for the 3rd time not to overload the power socket. You may roll your eyes at their strictness, but they’re keeping everyone safe from injury and preventing fines landing on your desk. Businesses must have responsible people to report accidents at work when they occur. Aside from keeping employees safe, it’s the law.

Correctly reporting incidents at work is essential for your business. That’s why this Accident Reporting Training is a crucial part of all personnel and workplace compliance training. It will teach you all you need to know about reporting accidents in the workplace, tracking safety progress, and improving working conditions for employees.

By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • Explain why reporting accidents is so important
  • Understand how to complete an accident book and make RIDDOR reports correctly
  • Recognise which records to keep and when to report incidents
  • Define employee and employer responsibilities

Why take this course?

If you’re the designated ‘responsible person’, manager, owner, or team leader in a business, this course can guide you through the reporting process and explain how to keep records of accident investigations. When it comes to safety in the workplace, you have a duty of care to keep up with the law and provide employees with a safe environment. Treat this course as part of your business contingency plan to protect you, your business, and your employees from harm.