Aggression and Violence

Aggression and Violence
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In an ideal world, no-one would have to face aggression and violence at all. Unfortunately, many of us are faced with it at work, sometimes on a daily basis, whether from a customer or service user, or even from a colleague or boss. No matter the source, it isn’t pleasant and can be extremely stressful, affecting performance, personal relationships, mental health and also your wellbeing.

Aggression and violence in the workplace can result in physical harm to employees or customers but can also harm a business and its reputation. Knowing how to deal with it is essential.

Outline learning Objectives:

  • Identify warning signs
  • Demonstrate how to handle difficult situations
  • Perform steps to protect yourself from harm
  • Analyse the consequences of inaction

Why should I take this course?

If you work in a profession where emotions may already be running high, like healthcare or social housing, then knowing what to do when things boil over is vital. Sadly, violence and aggression could happen in any workplace, so it’s important that all workers, regardless of their profession or position, know how to spot when a situation might be arising and how to handle it effectively to keep everyone safe.