Building and Rebuilding Trust

Building and Rebuilding Trust
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Dogs are great, aren’t they? Since the beginning, our ever-faithful companions evolved right alongside us. Whether helping us hunt, back before supermarkets were invented, or defending us from the evil postman who visits our house daily, we trust dogs and they trust us. Well… until you take them to the vet. This heinous act of betrayal breaks centuries of trust, and you have to work to rebuild it.

In most places of business, you won’t be working with dogs (unfortunately), but it’s still vital to build trust with your colleagues. It’s also important to know how to rebuild trust when it’s broken – whether with employees, customers, or others in your team. And that’s what this course helps with.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how and when trust has been broken in a situation and what impact it has on the wider business
  • Build trust with those you work with to improve collaboration and productivity
  • Work to proactively rebuild broken trust using the 7 Steps to Healing to improve morale and motivation

Why take this course?

This course is suitable for everyone, and offers practical advice to help you build trust with your colleagues or employees. You’ll also learn the steps to take when trust is broken, so you can go about rebuilding it. You’d have to be barking mad to say no. Trust us.