Championing Others

Championing Others
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Progressing in the world of work is challenging. You have to prove yourself and fight for opportunities. This kind of pressure to achieve might leave you feeling like you need to focus solely on yourself in the workplace. But you aren’t alone at work. Your workplace is a community. And supporting and championing your colleagues can help you create a workplace culture that’s healthy and fair for all.

When you actively create opportunities for talented colleagues, you’re not just championing individuals; you’re promoting innovation and excellence. This can help you to overcome discrimination in your organisation and sector. And it’ll help to ensure everybody is empowered to contribute to the best of their ability.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise how championing others contributes to the creation of a psychologically safe workplace for all

Why take this course?

Whether you’re leading a mythic army to victory, or supporting a talented colleague, championing others improves everyone’s chances of success. This course will explain how actively creating opportunities for others leads to the creation of a psychologically safe workplace for all.