Change Management

Change Management
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Remember how you used to spend your weekends? Heading over to Blockbuster to rent the latest movie on tape, and cuddling up on the sofa with overpriced popcorn and snacks? Sure, we’re nostalgic about it, but it was all a bit rubbish really, having to rewind those cassettes and rushing back to the store to try and avoid those late fees.

Times change. It’s something that we can’t stop, even if we wanted to. The rapid advances in technology and changes in attitudes and behaviours mean that you have to adapt to survive, or sink. Many businesses fall by the wayside because they weren’t able to manage their change effectively.

This short course has been designed to boost your ability to handle change effectively. Spend a few minutes with us and see how you can help your company change with the times.

What does this course cover?

  • The essential steps for effective change management
  • Consequences of poor change management
  • How to cope with those big changes

Who should take this course?

Anyone who has an influence within a business would benefit from taking this training. Even if you don’t have a direct management role, learning about how to cope with change is useful to help yourself and others adapt along with your company.

Why take this course

Change management is a process which helps to ease transitions within an organisation, specifically aiding the people involved in that change. That might be you, your employees or your colleagues. Getting to grips with this stuff is an essential part of your business and definitely deserves attention, even if your business isn’t in any obvious or immediate peril. Be complacent at your own risk.

How would you feel if you were passed up for promotion because you were too tall? Or you didn’t get the job because you’re living in an area that is perceived as undesirable? It’s simply not right. Without knowing it consciously, you could be doing that to someone else. Take this course and in a few minutes, you’ll have a better understanding about how to make the world and your organization a fairer place.