Customer Persuasion

Customer Persuasion
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When a customer comes into your shop knowing exactly what they want to buy, your job’s mostly done, right? Even if you know they’d be better off with a different product, you don’t need to persuade them to buy something else, do you? After all, the customer is always right

Unfortunately, what the customer wants might not actually be what they need. With good persuasion skills, you can convince your customer that there’s a better product they can buy. Once you know how persuasion works and what barriers you might come across, you can have a positive influence on your customers’ decisions. This course will also give you some tips you can use to boost your powers of persuasion.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the 6 principles of persuasion
  • Recognise barriers to successful persuasion
  • Apply tips to be more persuasive

Why take this course

This course is ideal for anyone working in customer service. Being able to influence others through persuasion can help you engage customers, build customer satisfaction, and maintain customer relationships. You can even transfer these persuasion skills from your work life to your personal life.