Data Handling (Best Practices)

Data Handling (Best Practices)
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Think about the things that are uniquely you. Your name? Your email address, your beliefs, and all the other things you probably haven’t considered to have real monetary value. We call that personal data, and this course is all about how organisations must handle it. To them, personal data can mean big money. Why? Because it can be used to sell you stuff, even stuff you never knew you needed.

So, we let organisations have these little tidbits. They can help to make our lives easier or stay connected, after all. Hello, social networking! But we have to trust that what they do with that personal data is totally above board. If not, well, individuals can and should take action. This course explores best practices for those handling that data.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Describe key data protection principles
  • Explain the meaning of ‘data protection by design and default’
  • Apply best practice when handling data in your workplace

Why take this course?

If you work for a company that controls or processes data, then you need to take this course pronto. Understanding the best practices when it comes to handling data is key for compliance with data regulations, including the UK GDPR. Whatever the size of your organisation, this course will help you properly care for the personal data and keep the trust of anyone that uses your products, and that includes your employees.