Driving Safely

Driving Safely
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These days, we’re all completely addicted to our phones. Buzz. New cat video. Buzz. Text from Mum. Buzz. The Prime Minister just said what!? Getting distracted by the latest TikTok dance craze while at your sister’s birthday meal is one thing. But getting distracted when you’re driving is quite another.

Part of being a safe driver – whether that’s in a car, lorry, or on a motorcycle – is knowing when and how you’re allowed to use your phone. With the rise of mobile satnavs, smart motorways, traffic updates, and taxi apps the rules may seem a little fuzzy. But this course is designed to tell you everything you need to know.

This course will aim to help you explain the roles and responsibilities you have when in control of a vehicle.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the dangers of using a mobile device while driving – to reinforce the real-world impact they can have on yourself and others
  • Demonstrate an awareness of your legal responsibilities and the penalties for not meeting them – to be compliant with the law
  • Identify safety planning tips, to remove the temptation to use your mobile device while driving
  • Take steps to change a tyre so that you can get up and running again easily and safely if you get a flat

Why take this course?

It’s essential that everyone understands and follows the rules on mobile device use while driving, because it’s not just the safety of the individual that’s at risk. Other drivers and pedestrians can suffer the sometimes fatal consequences of mobile phone misuse. If you’re a driver of any kind, including for work vehicles, this will be very useful to you. We’re pointing out the dangers and giving clear information about the consequences so that you think twice before looking at a mobile device when behind the wheel.