Effective Decision Making

Effective Decision Making
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Let's be honest, most people have painful memories from their school days. The embarrassment, the heartbreaks, the terrible haircuts. Thankfully, those days are over. Learners want to get straight to the point, and that's why this course has been condensed into engaging, manageable chunks that you can take now, on the bus or wherever, via mobile or desktop. Our courses provide learners with important knowledge, information and confidence to do their
jobs or upskill in an entertaining way.

Why take this course

'Heads or tails?'

Leaving your decisions to chance may work for trivial matters; what takeaway to have for dinner, what boxset to binge on next or which trashy novel you should take on your holiday.

But you wouldn't flip a coin for those 'important' decisions, like which subjects you should study in university, or whether you should get married. So just how do you make those types of big decisions?

Well, it all comes down to a combination of two things: Reasoning - using the facts available to guide your decision, and intuition- that's often called your 'gut feeling'. Applying them evenly can help guide your decision making in an effective way, and that's what this short course covers. Result = potential career boost + happier life. You know it makes sense.

Learning how best to make effective decisions can help to enhance your career as well as improve your personal life. Understanding the consequences of your decisions and the reasoning behind them will force you to give them proper consideration and help you remove doubt

What does this course cover

  • What goes into making a decision?
  • Applying reason and intuition in your decision making
  • How to overcome problems that might affect your decision making

Who should take this course

Anyone indecisive would benefit from taking this short course! This would especially suit professionals in a position of authority, or employees looking to improve their skills and climb the ladder of success.