Fire Warden Awareness

Fire Warden Awareness
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A Fire Warden has two main roles, a day-to-day role and a role they play when that fire alarm sounds and the snazzy hi-viz tabard goes on. As per information from the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, here is a list of some of the duties you might be required to perform:


  • Check the general fire safety of the area, building or floor that you have been allocated
  • Monitor escape routes to ensure they are kept free of obstructions
  • Check corridors and stairwells to ensure that combustible materials are not stored there
  • Check that fire doors are not tied, propped or wedged open when they shouldn't be
  • Check that main/final exit doors can be opened easily and are not obstructed, inside or outside
  • Inspect smoke detectors to ensure they aren’t covered
  • Perform weekly alarm tests and make sure alarms can be heard in every area
  • Check that extinguishers are where they should be and that there has been no obvious misuse or if any defect has occurred
  • Liaise with other Fire Wardens in your building, if applicable, to ensure all areas are fully covered in case of sickness or holiday leave
  • Show other employees and new starters the correct fire escape route and the location of their evacuation point

When the Fire Alarm Sounds:

  • Check your allocated area, turning off equipment where possible, closing doors and windows in passing whilst encouraging people to leave via the nearest safe exit. You must not delay your own escape unduly, but Fire Wardens should normally be the last person off their floor
  • Check all accessible rooms, including toilets and other offices to ensure that everyone is leaving • Check any refuge space in your area just in case there is someone waiting there that requires assistance in evacuating
  • Report to the Evacuation Controller (EC) at the assembly point or just outside the building to advise them that your area is clear (or to report anyone that cannot or will not leave the building)
  • Assist the EC with crowd control, encouraging people towards the assembly point and out of the way of any emergency services.

Duration: 20 minutes