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Let’s be honest, most people have painful memories from their school days. The embarrassment, the heartbreaks, the terrible haircuts. Thankfully, those days are over. Learners want to get straight to the point, and that’s why this course has been condensed into engaging, manageable chunks that you can take now, on the bus or wherever, via mobile or desktop. Our courses provide learners with important knowledge, information and confidence to do their jobs without facing the risk of fines or falling foul of regulations and laws.

You wouldn't sign a blank cheque and hand it to someone, would you? For a start, we’re well into the 21st century, no-one uses cheques these days. But did you know that your personal data is like currency in the digital age? It's big business - worth BILLIONS of dollars worldwide. You'd be surprised how much of it you give away for free too, every time you do one of those online quizzes - "Which Celebrity Pupper does your pet look like?" & "We can tell your true age from JUST your date of birth!" and the like.

Luckily, there is a modern, tailor-made set of regulations in position to help you keep your personal information to yourself. It's called the GDPR, and we're going to explain it to you in the least boring way possible. The course is designed for everyone, because everyone has data they want to protect, and every organisation has a legal requirement to keep whatever data they do collect safe. If they don't, the consequences are bad. Did I say bad? I meant DEVASTATING. Like, 20 million euros fine devastating.

We're going to cover

  • Definitions of GDPR and its main points
  • Changes from old to new legislation
  • Internal checks
  • Best practice

Keeping data safe is a huge deal, especially in the modern world. Taking this course is going to help you take control of what is yours. That way, you can go back to posting your pet selfies and watching unboxing videos without worrying about sneaky data thieves. Just sign the declaration promising us your Earthly soul and come on in.