Green Technology & Carbon Zero

Green Technology & Carbon Zero
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These days, everyone is talking about climate change. Facing up to this new reality is the biggest challenge the business world has ever faced. Fortunately, in recent years, green shoots have begun to emerge. More and more businesses are using green technologies and signing carbon-neutral pledges in the hope of creating a brighter future.

Learning about green technology and carbon neutrality is important for the sustainability of your company. Investors and consumers, through taking small steps, can make big shifts towards environmentally-minded businesses. This course will give you an insight into how they work.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • List the characteristics of green technology and carbon neutrality to exhibit a broad understanding of the current landscape
  • Make a positive argument for adopting green technology that may persuade your workplace to change
  • implement changes to guide your workplace towards achieving carbon neutrality

Why should I take this course

Climate change affects everyone. So, we should all take this course. It’ll help you better understand green technology and carbon neutrality, make a positive argument for adopting green technology, and help you implement practical changes that could see your workplace achieve carbon neutrality.