Hand-Arm Vibration (for employers)

Hand-Arm Vibration (for employers)
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Vibrating tools and machinery can look dangerous, but when using them, one of the major hazards isn’t so obvious. The vibrations transmitted into the hands and arms of employees by equipment like handheld power tools can pose a risk to their health and safety. Regular exposure to this kind of vibration can lead to long-term or even permanent injury or ill health for those involved.

Luckily, irreparable physical damage caused by hand-arm vibrations in the workplace can be avoided. Ensuring that everyone understands the risks and how to minimise them enables skilled employees to keep doing the work they’re great at. And understanding the relevant UK regulations can help keep employers on the right side of the law.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise how to assess and control the risk to employee health posed by excessive hand-arm vibration, in line with the relevant UK regulations
  • Identify appropriate steps to take in implementing health surveillance procedures designed to recognise and respond to early signs of physical damage caused by hand-arm vibration
  • Explain how to report cases of hand-arm vibration related injuries and medical conditions in line with UK regulations

Why take this course?

Anyone employing people to work with handheld, vibrating equipment needs to understand how to keep them safe while following UK guidelines. This course will help employers understand the risks of hand-arm vibrations and how to avoid and report associated injuries.