I'm Not Ok - How to Ask for Help

I'm Not Ok - How to Ask for Help
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We all need help from time to time. Whether you’re lost and need to ask for directions or trying to assemble a flat-pack wardrobe, things are always easier when someone gives you a hand. But it’s not always easy to take that 1st step, especially at work. It can feel embarrassing or inappropriate to tell your co-workers or boss that you’re struggling. But it’s essential that you do. Asking for and receiving help are vital parts of a healthy working environment. This course will help you ask for help when you need it, so you don’t suffer in silence.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Ask for help professionally and appropriately to ensure you don’t suffer alone

Why take this course?

Sometimes asking for help can be a tough thing to do. It can feel embarrassing, especially if there isn’t a culture of help at your workplace. This course, suitable for anyone in any industry, is designed to help you break the stigma and seek help at work when you’re not okay.