Insider Dealing

Insider Dealing
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It seems like everyone wants to be an insider. Insiders know what’s cool before it happens. They get to be part of exclusive clubs and get dibs on information before everyone else. That’s all well and good for celebrities and A-listers, but when it comes to business and finance, you need to make sure being an insider doesn’t become insider dealing.

Insider dealing is the illegal trade of information to insiders for profit or financial gain. It’s a serious financial crime that erodes trust, gives certain institutions an unfair advantage, and can lead to penalties for fraud. This course will tell you everything you need to know.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the hallmarks of insider dealing, to avoid encouraging these practices in your organisation
  • Understand why market abuse is a criminal act, to ensure legal compliance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the penalties and fines companies face if they choose to participate in insider dealing

Why take this course?

Insider dealing is a serious crime that every investor or person working in a financial institution needs to be aware of. This course will help you identify when insider dealing might be happening, understand market abuse and market manipulation, and show an awareness of the penalties and fines companies face if they break the law.