Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience
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Have you ever gone for a promotion at work and not got it? And not only did you not get it, but your arch nemesis, Ben got it? Well, that’s what happened to our friend Bill. And it’s safe to say, it was quite the knock for Bill. He hasn’t taken it particularly well and is struggling to bounce back.

We all respond differently to setbacks and adversity. But allowing negative events to completely knock you back can have long-term negative effects on your well-being. In the short term, they can also make you less productive in your personal and professional life. This course will show you how to become more resilient, and handle adversity like a pro.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of personal resilience
  • Identify ways to improve personal resilience
  • Build personal resilience using a range of techniques

Why should I take this course?

Everyone will benefit from improving their personal resilience, even if they think they already handle things pretty well. And, thankfully, personal resilience is a skill you can learn. This course will show you how you can improve your personal resilience, by giving you tips and techniques you can apply to your own life.