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Sector Knowledge
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You’ve seen Mastermind, right? The ominous music… the black chair… and the even scarier host? Everyday people sit on that scary, black chair, then give their name, occupation, and specialist subject, before being grilled with a load of difficult questions. It’s a bit like dealing with a client in your sales role.

If you want to excel in selling your product or service, you need to know all about the industry you’re in. Because, if you can’t tell your client why your product is the best one for them out of all the options on offer, they’re not going to have much confidence in it. Or you. Luckily, this course will show you how you can become an expert in your chosen sector.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Identify key knowledge needed about your sector to improve sales
  • Use appropriate techniques to effectively obtain information on your sector to improve sales
  • Use competitor analysis to identify and promote your USPs and overcome competitor objections

Why take this course?

If you work in sales, it’s likely that you’ll regularly answer questions about your products and sector. So, this course is for you. It’ll show you why learning all there is to know about your sector is important, help you identify ways to learn more, and explain how to apply these techniques so you can learn about your sector.