Setting Effective Goals for KPIs

Setting Effective Goals for KPIs
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Isn’t it great when things just fit? Like when you place that last piece of the puzzle in a jigsaw, or slide a key inside a lock. Feels good, right? The same is true in business. When you match the right goals to your KPIs, things just click. Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, measure the success of your operations. When you set consistent goals for your team, you’ll unlock your KPIs much more easily. This course will tell you everything you need to know

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Identify specific actions that deliver business KPIs to ensure all goals are set with these deliverables in mind
  • Set individual and team-performance goals that align with business KPIs to ensure everyone is working towards the same outcome

Why should I take this course?

Whether you’re in a management or leadership role, this course can help take your strategy to the next level. You’ll identify actions that deliver business KPIs and learn how to set individual and team-performance goals to align with your business’s KPIs.