Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
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Sexual harassment undermines everyone’s right to work in an environment in which they’re treated with dignity and respect. But unfortunately, even though it’s unlawful, sexual harassment is still alarmingly widespread and under-reported. That means some of your employees may have experienced unwanted sexual conduct while in the workplace.

Sexual harassment isn’t always overt. And there’s often confusion about what it is. Understanding how to define sexual harassment and spot red flags will help you eradicate it from your workplace. And understanding the personal and organisational impact that it has will make it clear why reporting all cases is so important.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Define sexual harassment in legal and practical terms to ensure you know what you are looking for in your workplace
  • Identify red flags in your workplace that may indicate cases of sexual harassment, so you can step in and support your employees
  • Understand the potential business and personal impacts of sexual harassment to ensure the topic remains a priority
  • Understand the importance of reporting all suspected or reported cases of sexual harassment to ensure you are advocating for the well-being of your team and not being a bystander

Why take this course?

Regardless of intent, sexual harassment causes real harm to individuals, teams, and organisations. As a leader, you’re responsible for creating a workplace culture in which nobody has to experience it. This course will help you understand what isn’t acceptable, so you can make sure your workplace isn’t hostile, degrading, or humiliating for anyone.