The Basics of Manual Handling

The Basics of Manual Handling
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Let's be honest, most people have painful memories from their school days. The embarrassment, the heartbreaks, the terrible haircuts. Thankfully, those days are over. Learners want to get straight to the point, and that's why this course has been condensed into engaging, manageable chunks that you can take now, on the bus or wherever, via mobile or desktop. Our courses provide learners with important knowledge, information and confidence to do their jobs in a safe, healthy and sustainable way that meets IOSH approved standards.

Injuries can happen as a result of incorrect handling and moving. I slipped a disc once from trying to bench press a 1980s photocopier. I couldn't move for a whole week. Naturally this course is about lifting, moving and handling loads safely. It looks at the legal requirements of manual handling and provides a wider understanding and knowledge of manual handling, correct lifting principles, the risks involved and the control measures available so you can keep safe.

Who should take this course

Put simply, everyone! Even Popeye. Because we all need to know how to lift, move and handle loads safely. It';s so important to use the correct manual handling to prevent and reduce the risk of injury.

Why should I take this course

Manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work, accounting for over a third of all workplace injuries. You have a duty of care to protect yourself and your employees from lifting hazards and must be able to demonstrate that you have the appropriate level of knowledge to stay safe when lifting.

After taking this training, you should be able to

  • Understand what manual handling is & identify where to use it
  • Understand why you should lift responsibly
  • Explain the term 'manual handling' and other terminology
  • Appreciate how injuries can happen as a result of incorrect handling and moving
  • Identify the hazards and risks associated with manual handling
  • Demonstrate the principles of safe handling and moving
  • Understand good working practices
  • Explain the main provisions of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations
  • Recognise your personal manual handling capabilities
  • Summary / Quiz