The Dangers of Echo Chambers

The Dangers of Echo Chambers
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Have you ever shouted, “hellooooo” from the top of a hill and heard your greeting echo return to you? It’s fun. But if you wanted feedback on an idea, you wouldn’t use the same approach. Because an echo is just your own words, bounced back to you. If you only collaborate with people who agree with you, you’ll have much the same experience. You’ll be working in what’s known as an echo chamber.

When you surround yourself with yes people, your ideas and views won’t be challenged. And you’ll contribute to a workplace culture in which people don’t feel safe to disagree. Understanding the dangers of echo chambers and how to overcome them will help you avoid making choices that anger the gods …or pursue innovation in the workplace, if that’s more relevant to your sector.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the dangers of echo chambers and how they undermine psychological safety and innovation in the workplace
  • Understand how echo chambers can be avoided, so you and your organisation can benefit from diversity of thought

Why take this course?

Whether you’re trying to shorten a mythological voyage or pursuing innovation in the workplace, you need to avoid echo chambers. This course will help you see why they’re so damaging. And it’ll show you how to overcome them and collaborate with a wide range of people, including those with different views to your own.