The Importance of an Inclusive Workplace

The Importance of an Inclusive Workplace
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Diverse workplaces naturally contain individuals from a range of backgrounds and circumstances, with a variety of identities. Inclusive workplaces value those differences, whether they’re visible, or not. They make sure all employees feel welcome and safe. And they remove barriers to participation, so everyone can achieve their potential and fully contribute to the success of the business.

Inclusion is good news for everyone. It’s great for employee well-being. And increasingly, employees and even customers actively seek employers who demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity. Understanding what inclusion is and how to achieve it in your workplace will benefit everyone working there and the business, too

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Define inclusivity and the importance of clear policies and practices in the workplace to maintain an inclusive working environment
  • Explain the benefits and challenges of creating inclusion in the workplace
  • Suggest key elements of improvement to the organisation’s inclusivity strategy to continually improve the working environment for everyone

Why take this course?

Nobody wants to work somewhere that’s unfair and unsupportive, or where they don’t feel safe. And nobody does their best work in that kind of space, either. That’s why everybody needs to work towards an inclusive workplace, so nobody is discriminated against and everyone is valued. This course will help you understand what inclusion is and the associated benefits and challenges. It’ll even give you some ideas to improve your organisation’s inclusivity strategy, to boot.