The Role of Eco-Innovation

The Role of Eco-Innovation
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You’ve installed recycling bins and made your business go paperless. You’ve even banned plastic cups at the water cooler. Job done. You’re eco-friendly now, right? Well, there’s actually a lot more you could do to build a sustainable business. But it’s going to take innovation. Eco-innovation.

Eco-innovation is about coming up with ideas leading to products, services, and business processes that are environmentally sustainable. It offers a great opportunity for businesses to improve their green reputation. But introducing eco-innovation into your business isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are specific actions you can take to boost sustainable innovation.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise how collaboration sparks eco-innovation to ensure the free flow of ideas in your workplace
  • Identify barriers to eco-innovation, so you can overcome them and achieve effective change
  • Build an 8-step structure into your eco-innovation to measure your progress on environmental sustainability

Why should I take this course

This course is ideal for business owners who are concerned about their environmental footprint. You’ll learn about the importance of collaboration in eco-innovation, and the barriers you may face to making your ideas reality. You’ll also discover an 8-step model you can use to track your eco-innovation progress.