What is a Learning Culture?

What is a Learning Culture?
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ABOUT THIS COURSE What’s this place? There are zombies wandering around, mindlessly doing the same thing day in, day out. Don’t worry, you haven’t stumbled on to the set of The Walking Dead. Nope, it’s worse. You’ve entered the realm of the non-existent learning culture. Places like this can make each day, even entire careers, feel like a dead-end. See what we did there? This is a place where learning just isn’t valued. Look at those zombies… They’re not hungry for knowledge; they’re hungry for braaaaaains!

Okay, so you’re probably not actually facing the zombie apocalypse, but you might well be looking for ways to reanimate your workforce. This means developing your learning culture to empower your employees, fuel innovation and, ultimately, ensure the long-term performance of your business.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Characterise an effective learning culture and its benefits
  • Evaluate your own workplace culture
  • Plan your next steps for growing your learning culture

Why Should I take this course?

If you’re in a position to enable learning throughout your company, this is the course for you. Bring your workforce back to the land of the living and feed their brains, rather than… Well, you know…. This course will demystify learning cultures, but also give you the tools to assess your environment and create your very own zombie esca… action plan.