Working in confined spaces

Working in confined spaces
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When you think of a confined space, is your mind instantly drawn to that iconic scene in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” where Indy and Short Round find themselves trapped in that cave or abandoned mineshaft or whatever? You know, the spike-covered ceiling, closes in and they only have seconds to get rescued by that awful shrieking lady? Maybe it’s just me. But we’re not talking about that.

Well, not exactly. We’re talking about working in confined spaces. I know technically, Indy was working, but he was hunting a rare gem, rather than something practical. A confined space in the context of this course refers to a place that: “is substantially enclosed, where serious injury, or worse, can occur from hazardous substances or dangerous conditions within the space, or nearby, for example, from a lack of oxygen.” Hmm, not so exciting now. Luckily, this course is designed to help you avoid that grizzly fate. You’re welcome.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Recognize the hazards of working in a confined space
  • Explain the consequences of poor practice
  • Identify the relevant regulatory information in this area
  • Describe useful tips to mitigate the risks involved

Why take this course

If you or your colleagues work in, or are going to work in a confined space, then you’re gonna find this course very useful indeed. Even Indy would have benefitted, in honesty. You seriously don’t want to go into a confined space unprepared. It’s a no-brainer. Too much can go wrong. But if you follow the advice in this course, you’re much more likely to have a wholly uneventful working experience, rather than one that’s full of misery and nightmares. Bonus.