Office 365 - Excel 2016 Expert - Level 2

Office 365 - Excel 2016 Expert - Level 2
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About the course

The Office 365 - Excel 2016 Expert - Level 2 course covers topics included in the MOS Expert exam 77-728. This includes Tracking changes, using Logical, Informational, Time, Mathematical and Lookup Functions. You will also learn how to Consolidate workbooks, Share and Protect workbooks and use Auditing tools.


There are 7 modules in this course

  • Tracking and Merging
  • Logical and Informational Functions
  • Time and Mathematical Functions
  • Lookup Functions
  • Consolidating Workbooks
  • Auditing Tools
  • Protecting and Shared Workbooks

Course features

  • Simulation training replicates the software you are learning providing a realistic learning experience.
  • Learn how to perform tasks at your own pace and interactively by following easy step-by-step actions.
  • Reinforce your knowledge at the end of each lesson by completing interactive and multiple choice quiz questions.
  • Assess your skills at any time by undertaking the Course Test.
  • Lessons can be completed within 30 minutes so training can be undertaken in ?bite? size pieces.
  • Bookmarking allows you to learn in multiple training sessions.
  • Course navigation features allow you to jump directly to specific topics of interest quickly and easily.
  • Designed for people who require initial and refresher training activities.
  • Available on-line 24 hours a day.
  • Version for Mobile Devices.
  • Review course content with eBooks

Youll learn how to:

Tracking and Merging

  • Share Workbooks;
  • Track Changes in Workbooks;
  • Highlight Changes;
  • View Change Details;
  • Hide Changes;
  • Accept Changes;
  • Reject Changes;
  • Remove Workbook Tracking;
  • Merge Workbooks.

Advanced Functions - Logical and Informational Functions

  • Use the IF Function;
  • Use the OR Function;
  • Use the AND Function;
  • Use Help for Error Messages;
  • Use Nested IF Functions;
  • Understand IS Functions;
  • Use the ISERROR Function

Time and Mathematical Functions

  • Use the TODAY Function;
  • Use DAY, MONTH and YEAR;
  • Use the COUNT Function;
  • Use the COUNTA Function;
  • Use the COUNTIF Function;
  • Use the ROUND Function;
  • Nest Functions;
  • Enable Iterative Calculations.

Lookup Functions

  • Use VLOOKUP Functions;
  • Create Lookup Tables;
  • Insert Functions;
  • Add VLOOKUP Arguments;
  • Use LOOKUP Functions;
  • Modify Lookup Data;
  • Use HLOOKUP Functions.

Consolidating and Auditing - Consolidating Workbooks

  • Consolidate Workbooks;
  • Select Destination Cells;
  • Add Source Data References;
  • Create Source Data Links;
  • Update Linked Data;
  • Use Consolidated Outlines.

Auditing Tools

  • Trace Precedents;
  • Trace Dependents;
  • Remove Tracer Arrows;
  • Trace Errors in Formulae;
  • Correct Formula Errors.
  • Display Formula Locations;
  • Show Formulas in Worksheets

Protecting and Sharing - Protecting and Sharing

  • View the User Name;
  • Unlock Cells;
  • Protect Worksheets;
  • Remove Protection;
  • Share Workbooks;
  • Protect Workbooks;
  • Open Protected Workbooks.