Know How 2 - IT Skills

KNOWHOW2 maximise your return on investment for each course by designing it so its serves both initial training and post training needs.

If you are new to a subject you are taken step-by-step through each lesson building your knowledge in a simple but informative way. For more experienced users, you can access the courses like a reference tool by utilising the "just-in-time" training features which allow you to jump directly to specific topics of interest.

Each lesson contains assessment tests containing multiple choice and interactive questions so you can ascertain your current skill levels and identify areas where you may require further training.

These courses are designed for both tablet or PC use and detect the learner’s device type to render the course to suit. On a tablet device which uses a touch control interface, rather than a keyboard mouse input, you are asked if you want to run a mobile version of the course. The mobile version of the course will run similar to a video, where the slides will run in a linear fashion. Each training slide is displayed with the accompanying audio, and upon completion of the voice, the auto completion for the slide is triggered. This animates the advancing action for the slide. You can also view the course “traditionally” where you can perform click actions by tapping the screen, and using the mobile device keyboard to perform any typing input. In the mobile version of the training, only multiple choice questions are asked. In this way the Knowhow2 courses retain the full interactivity of the course when a learner is working on a PC and students can seamlessly flip between the two modes as and when required.

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