COVID-19/Coronavirus Awareness & Prevention (UK Version)

COVID-19/Coronavirus Awareness & Prevention (UK Version)
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This short course on COVID-19 / Coronavirus has been created due to the ongoing outbreak we are facing globally.

The course aims are;

  • Inform users of the signs and symptoms of the virus.
  • Breakdown down the key points of contracting the virus
  • How to best avoid contracting the virus
  • How to best prevent spreading the virus
  • If you are showing symptoms what you should do next

All of the information contained in this course has been collated from the following sources;

  • World Health Organization
  • NHS
  • GOV.UK

As the outbreak is still ongoing we cannot be held responsible for any outdated information contained within this course. We will however strive to keep the content as relevant and up to date as possible.


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